If you are in the greater Ventura area and need practical care for your pet family, visit 101 Pet Vet for exceptional care from our veterinarian. Wellness exams are an essential vet care service that ensures your pet had a healthy life. Regular care from our veterinary staff reduces the chance of missing common early indicators of illness. Increase your pet’s overall health and longevity.

101 Pet Vet serves the Ventura, CA area and are committed to providing pet care with the compassion every pet deserves. We understand that your pet is your family!

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What to Expect at Your Pet’s Wellness Exam

Annual Exam appointments allow us to get to know your pet and also screen them for any health and medical indicators or disease. Annual exams and preventative care allow us to catch conditions while they are still acute. Dental problems, parasite disease, and nutrition issues can be checked by a routine physical. Expect to learn about:

  • Oral and dental health
  • Flea, tick, and parasite prevention
  • Coat and nails
  • Ear cleanliness and hearing
  • Eyes and vision
  • Social and behavior skills

Annual exams are an essential aspect of keeping your pet healthy and active. You will have an opportunity to discuss any physical or behavior issues that your pet may be experiencing. Our staff is dedicated to providing care that is practical while also treating your pet with the compassion and respect that they deserve. Our team loves each patient of our Bristol Animal Hospital Family. Call us today to schedule your next appointment and help keep your pet feeling great!