Have a new puppy or kitten in your home, or thinking about getting one soon?

101 Pet Vet provides essential Puppy & Kitten health service for pets between 6 – 20 weeks of age.

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Treatments for puppies and kittens:

  • VETERINARY EXAMINATIONS: Each new addition should have two examinations with the doctor. Your pet will receive a thorough health exam and evaluation at their first visit and again at the 16 weeks of age visit. Your pet will be scheduled with the veterinary technician staff for booster vaccinations and dewormings during the in-between visits.
  • MICROCHIP IDENTIFICATION: Microchipping is an effect pet identification system recognized nationwide. A painless implantation between your pet’s shoulder blades will help you recover you pet if lost or stolen.
  • VACCINATIONS: Vaccines protect against preventable contagious diseases common to dogs and cats. Your pet will receive booster vaccines at 3-4 week intervals until each series is completed. Most vaccines finish after 1-3 boosters. This also includes the Rabies vaccination required by Ventura County Regulations.
  • FECAL TESTS: Specific deworming protocols are determined by laboratory examinations of stool specimens to identify parasite types and infestation levels. DEWORMING: An oral medication will be administered at the time of first visit. This medication treats both dogs and cats for Roundworm and Hookworm parasitic infections, which are the most common in puppies and kittens. These parasites can be transmissible to humans and therefore cannot go untreated.
  • DEWORMING/HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVE/EXTERNAL PARASITE CONTROL (FOR DOGS): This includes a monthly oral medication for the prevention of Roundworm, Hookworm and Whipworm (intestinal parasites); prevention of Heartworm Disease (Cardiovascular parasites); and aids in flea control by preventing flea reproduction.
  • DEWORMING/HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVE/EXTERNAL PARASITE CONTROL (FOR CATS): A monthly topical medication for the prevention of Roundworm and Hookworm (intestinal parasites); prevention of Heartworm Disease (Cardiovascular parasites); and prevention of ear mites, fleas and ticks.
  • FeLV/FIV TEST (FOR CATS): A blood test recommended and performed prior to beginning vaccination of the FeLV series.