At 101 Pet Vet, we understand how hard it is to see your pets age. Our goal is to help your pets age gracefully, painlessly, and with dignity. Pets are our family and that is how we treat our patients. Our doctors and staff are highly trained to evaluate and treat senior health and can give several practical treatment plans that meet you and your pet needs.

Sadly, our pets can develop chronic illnesses. We will provide you with an at-home treatment plan to keep your pet as comfortable for as long as we can. When the time comes to really evaluate quality of life, we are here to help you through this most difficult time.

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We take euthanasia very seriously. It is a gift we give our pets when a good quality of life can no longer be provided. We will make the experience as comforting, dignified and painless for both you and your pet as possible. Be assured you and your family will have time to say goodbye.


To help you preserve your pet’s memory, we offer aftercare of communal or individual cremation through our partners Guardian Animal Aftercare. You will have the choice between Individual OR Communal Cremation.

Pet parents that choose individual cremation receive their pet’s cremains returned a cedar lockbox with an engraved name plaque.

Communal cremation is a beautiful service option for those who do not wish to have their animal’s ashes returned. Communal represents community. After communal cremation, ashes are respectfully scattered at sea off the California coast.

(Pricing varies depending on the animal’s weight. Urn and Clay Pawprint upgrades are available upon request.)

Daily Quality of Life Assesment

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